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Pet Policy

Shores welcomes pets that meet our criteria and whose owners comply with our requirements.

  1. Only dogs, cats, birds, fish and caged hamsters or similar animals are allowed at Shores.
  2. Residents wishing to have dogs or cats must sign a Pet Addendum as part of their lease.
  3. There is a limit of two dogs and/or cats per apartment. Residents must post a Pet Deposit of $500.00 per dog or cat in addition to the security deposit for the Tenant’s Unit and will be considered part of the Security Deposit. After Tenant vacates the Premises, Landlord shall return the security deposit (including the pet deposit) to Tenant, within the time provided by law, less such deductions as authorized by the law or lease, and account for any deductions from the security deposit in the manner provided by law. The monthly rent for each apartment, housing a dog or cat shall be increased by $50.00 per dog and cat.
  4. At this time dogs are allowed only in the apartments along the outer perimeter of Buildings C, D, E, H, I, K and L. Not more than 140 apartments at Shores may have dogs at any given time. Shores requires proof of current vaccinations for all cats and dogs and a current photograph of the pet. Shores staff must see each pet prior to move-in to assess its temperament. At that time, the pet's owner will be asked to take a saliva sample from the cat or dog. Shores will have the sample analyzed by an independent laboratory so that in the future, if a resident does not pick up after his or her pet, Shores can identify the pet involved. The charge for the analysis (currently $37.95) will be deducted from the resident's pet deposit. Residents who fail to pick up after their pets will be fined $150.00 per incident to cover the expense of laboratory testing to identify the pet involved.
  5. Pets known to be aggressive, such as the Pit Bull, Akita, Doberman Pincher, Chow Chow, Bull Mastiff, American Bull Dog, Sharpei, German Shepard, Rottweiler, Alaskan Malamute and Presa Canario, are not allowed. Shores may also decline to allow other pets that appear to be aggressive, that are likely to disturb other Shores residents, or that weigh more than 50 pounds.
  6. Dogs will be allowed in the Pet Spots, along Admiralty Loop outside Building K and in the gated area between Buildings D and E. No dogs will be permitted in the Courtyard or any other common area in of the complex except as is necessary to reach the Pet Spots. Dogs must be on leashes at all times when outside the owner's apartment, including when at the Pet Spots.
  7. Cats must be kept inside the Tenant’s apartment at all times, and a sanitary pan must be available.
  8. Containers for fish may not exceed ten gallons.
  9. Birds may not be let out of the cage at any time, even inside the owner's apartment.

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