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Find the Right Home At Shores: The Two-Bedroom Plans


Are you moving in with your significant other and need a little extra room? Or do you have a roommate where you need dual (not dueling) master suites? Shores in Marina del Rey has the answer. The two-bedroom plans offer the best of both worlds, literally: dual master suites, two bathrooms, walk-in closets in both bedrooms, large balconies and of course, a modern apartment must-have: a washer/dryer inside the unit. If you require a little more space, read on!

f5_zuma-1Option # 1: The Del Rey

The “Del Rey” floor plan was designed for contemporary living with approximately 1,081 square feet. “This two-bedroom unit offers separated bedroom suites on opposite sides of the apartment, providing additional privacy for families or sharing roommates,” said Dale Yonkin, project director for Nadel Architects, the architecture firm behind Shores. “Walk-in closets for both bedrooms enhance their livability.” An open kitchen and dining room concept, plus a living room with plenty of wall space for your large flat screen TV also makes it easy to live side-by-side. And did we mention that the living room opens up to the balcony—perfect for enjoying those water or courtyard views at Shores? Other pluses also include extra closet space for storing your surfboards, paddleboard gear or priceless movie collection.


Option #2: The Zuma

Named after one of Malibu’s largest beaches, the “Zuma” floor plan offers approximately 1,284 square feet, spacious dual master suites with equally spacious walk-in closets, two large baths and a wide-open kitchen/dining/living room area—for the ultimate entertaining pad. The dramatic, curved balcony also adds a unique design element, not to mention a nice flood of natural light—a Southern California staple. Trust us…you’ll want to invite your best buds over for Saturday night cocktail hour or continue your famous French Toast battles with your roommate on Sundays in this apartment! And why wouldn’t you take advantage of the roomy living room area and get in shape with your Insanity DVDs on your big flat screen TV? (After all what could be more of a motivation to stay in shape than living just a short walk or bike ride away from the beach?) Extra storage closets on both sides of the unit also make it easy for storing just about anything under the sun.

When you look at these two-bedroom floor plans, can you picture yourself making a home at Shores? In just a short amount of time, it’s going to be even easier for you to “virtually” move into your Shores apartment with our new “Style My Pad” application, which will allow you to design each room by adding furniture, electronics and other household items into the online floor plans—so you’ll never wonder, “Will my couch fit?” The application is slated to launch with the revamped Shores website in late March—so keep your eyes out for it!

Now that you know a little more about the Shores floor plans, which one suits your lifestyle best?

Find the Right Home at Shores: The One-Bedroom Plans


When you close your eyes and picture your perfect paradise, does it involve an ocean view and the smell of sea spray? How would you like to enjoy a hot cup of Joe every morning while looking at a view of the ocean or marina from your balcony?

If you are nodding your head and inching closer to your computer screen, then keep on reading! Following on the heels of our announcement of preliminary pricing, we would like to explore the variety of floor plans offered at Shores with the help of Dale Yonkin, Nadel’s project director for Shores. He explained that the community’s architecture is, in general, reflective of the Marina Del Rey lifestyle and all of the units have been designed to offer “open planning, spacious balconies and large glass areas which frame water views from upper floors.”

“The complex rings a 2-acre courtyard containing outdoor amenities and onto which the indoor social rooms, gyms, etc. focus, creating many opportunities for social interaction with fellow residents,” he said. “The exterior style has wave-like curves contrasting with crisp sail shapes in bright colors recalling those of nautical signal flags.”

Whether you work from home and need a workspace, prefer walk-in closets or require an ocean view, Shores offers something for everyone. That is why we want to help you find the right fit among the five different floor plans we offer. To get you started, we will focus on the one-bedroom, one-bath floor plans this week.


Option #1: The Venice

The Venice is 750 square feet of pure bliss. This spacious unit includes one bedroom, one bathroom and a gourmet kitchen where you can let your inner chef loose and create spectacular culinary masterpieces. You’ve also got your own balcony for enjoying those amazing Marina nights, a walk-in closet, additional coat storage and a spacious bathroom that will make your best friend jealous.

Says Yonkin: “This unit has been efficiently designed around furniture groupings to ensure maximum livability in an economical dwelling.  The open kitchen expands the informal spaciousness.”


Option #2: The Topanga

The Topanga unit is also a one-bedroom, one-bath, however this floor plan offers 900 square feet. You’ll be able to enjoy a novel on your private balcony, take a hot bath after a long day to relax and rejuvenate, and store your surfboards in the extra closet spaces. A large walk-in closet in the bedroom and a separate sink/water closet setup in the bathroom are also great features for couples, who may need more space and flexibility when they’re getting ready for work in the morning.

Yonkin explains: “This floor plan extends the area of our smaller 1 bedroom unit to create additional living space while maintaining the efficient circulation that maximizes the usability of the combined living/dining/eating areas. Large glass areas frame water views from the upper floors.”


Option #3: The Playa

Also spanning 900 square feet, The Playa apartments have a very unique feature as corner units: an angled living room oriented to maximize the ocean or marina views that most people travel thousands of miles to see.  “This dwelling unit takes advantage of its corner location to provide a unique memorable shape to further open it to views. All units have shaped balconies to extend the living area,” says Yonkin.

If you crave the natural light and beauty of the ocean, this plan is a perfect choice. Open the doors to your balcony to let in the ocean breezes while you work from home or serve guests at a party. Wait…is that Malibu you see from your window?

As you can see, there are multiple options at Shores to fit your lifestyle. Keep in mind there are two other floor plan options that include two bedrooms and two baths, but we’ll cover those in the next few weeks. In the meantime, which one-bedroom floor plan do you have your eye on?