5 Signs You Know You’re Ready to Move to Shores

You have been thinking about Shores non-stop for months. You’ve daydreamed about furniture arrangements, considered fitness center workout schedules, planned your Thursday trips to the Farmer’s Market… in other words, you’re starting to display the signs. What signs you ask? The ones that say “I am so ready for my move to Shores!” Well you’re not alone… there have been a whole lot of signs going around and we’ve compiled five that you should watch out for.

And don’t worry because the signs are only a temporary affliction. As soon as you move to Shores (which won’t be long now!), you’ll be thinking of nothing but how gosh darn happy you are to finally have this home sweet (and we mean sweeeeet!) home.

1. You’ve ordered every possible moving supply from Amazon.com in anticipation of your Shores move.… and even your cat is living out of boxes. You may not have your moving date yet, but you’ve ordered 40 boxes, yards of bubble wrap and a case of packing tape, which your cat Fluffy has made his temporary home. That’s a sure sign that you’re a wee bit excited about your upcoming move to Shores.


2. You already have your guest list compiled for your Sky Terrace cocktail party. No judgment here—planning is a good thing! Get the guest list ready so you have a great mix of people around when you show off your kicking new apartment and fabulous rooftop Sky Terrace amenity.

Sky Terrace Inspiration


3. You’ve been pricing out Electric Cars just because Shores has the cool EV Chargers. This is a pretty cool Shores amenity so we wouldn’t blame you if you ran out and bought a new Electric Vehicle just to take advantage.


4. You’ve had the infamous recurring “walking across the street to Mothers’ Beach” dream for the last month. This is a common dream among future Shores residents—but don’t worry, it won’t be long before you can stop dreaming and start doing!

5. You started putting together a Shores Bocce Ball league—and just ordered the uniforms. A little friendly competition only brings neighbors closer, right? And if you’re already day dreaming about a Building B vs. Building K Bocce Ball showdown, then you’re definitely ready for your move to Shores.


With the grand opening so close at hand, are you ready to move to Shores? What are your tell-tale signs?