The Inside Scoop on Shores’ High-Tech Package: Q&A with Bel Air Internet

We don’t mind admitting it: We want Shores to be the kind of place you brag about. That’s why we’ve gone to great pains to choose amenities that will really add value to our residents’ lifestyles. In previous blogs, we’ve described our amenities in some detail, but one in particular is so unique and cool, we felt the need to expand a little more on it. Yes, we’re talking about Shores’ all-inclusive High-Tech Package.

In case you missed it, let us share exactly what this amenity means for future Shores residents: High-Speed Internet and DIRECTV Choice™ Satellite are included in the cost of rent! Pretty nice value, eh? The community itself also has some high-tech advantages: aka: wireless hotspots! Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hanging out in the courtyard, or working out in the fitness center, you’re connected.

To give you some background on the apartment’s Internet and DirecTV package, we had a Q&A session with Michelle Levine Norris of Bel Air Internet, Shores technology provider.

Michelle Levine Norris - Bel Air Internet - Linked In

Shores: Tell us a little bit more about the specific Shores Internet/Cable package. What are the advantages to residents vs. going through a regular provider (i.e. Time Warner or Verizon)? 

Michelle Levine Norris:The package we have for Shores is a really great value. First off, the High-Speed Internet “guarantees” speeds of 20 mbps (megabits per second) download and 10 mbps upload. If you’re not familiar with what that means, let me put it in practical terms: when you play video games or stream movies, it’s going to be fast and reliable. The big advantage to our Internet service compared to TW and Verizon is that they only offer “up to” speeds. That means that during peak hours, their Internet speed slows down. Shores residents don’t have to worry about that because Bel Air Internet has “guaranteed” speeds—that’s an advantage that’s hard to beat.

As far as DirecTV goes, it’s hands-down the best TV service on the market. The great advantage of the Shores DirecTV package is that since dishes are installed on the buildings, residents don’t need to install individual dishes on their balcony. And since their rent covers the service, there’s no need for long-term contracts.

Shores: In your opinion, what’s the coolest feature of the Shores package? 

MLN: Honestly, it’s really the whole shebang. Residents get extremely fast, guaranteed Internet speeds with top-of-the-line DirecTV service. All they need to do is make one quick call to Bel Air Internet and we have it up and running when they move in.

Shores: What would a package like this normally cost? 

MLN: Together, the services would run $116.94 a month. The Internet service is $47.95/month and DirecTV Choice is $68.99/month, so it’s really a great savings for Shores residents.


Shores: How many channels will Shores residents have with their DIRECTV package? What about premium channels? 

MLN: The Choice Package has 150+ channels with a broad variety of programming that features AMC, Food Network, Bravo, MTV, ESPN, FX and TNT. Premium Channels like HBO and Showtime are available for an additional monthly charge. We also have a number of international, foreign-language packages available for an added fee, including DirecTV’s EN ESPANOL™ package, ChineseDirect and other programming including Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, South Asian, Brazilian and Russian.

Shores: Are there different cable box options included with the package?

MLN: Yes. Every Shores resident receives the Choice programming and one free standard or HD receiver. Residents will, however, have the option to upgrade to an HD DVR for an additional fee. Since residents may have a different internal set-up (i.e. some might have one TV, others might three TVs), we advise residents to review the receiver types and associated costs with their Bel Air Internet representative when they sign up for an installation appointment.

Shores: Can residents upgrade their DIRECTV service for an additional fee?

MLN: Of course! Residents have the option to upgrade to packages with even more channels as well as premium movie channels for an additional monthly cost. They just need to let us know when they move in and we can take care of those upgrades.

Shores: Can you tell us about your customer service?

MLN: We’re extremely proud of our “concierge-style” Customer Service. Bel Air Internet is locally owned and operated, so when a customer calls, they talk to a real person right away…there are no out-sourced call centers. Plus, they can call and speak to the same person every time so there’s no confusion when processing requests. Our customers definitely appreciate the personalized service and we’re glad we can provide that to them.

What do you think, future Shores dwellers? Do you like the idea of Internet and DIRECTV included in your rent? Let us know!