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Four Reasons to Choose Courtyard Views at Shores

When it comes to choosing a place to live at Shores, there are plenty of apartments—but one of the coolest spots to set down roots are those units with courtyard views. At $2,361 to $3,644 per month, the courtyard view units have their own unique advantages. For example, you have a great vantage point for watching everything that happens at Shores…yet you don’t ever need to leave your balcony! Here are four reasons to choose a courtyard view at Shores.

Night Shot

1. You’re in the center of the action…but not.

As a casual observer, you may not always want to be in the midst of the activity happening in the courtyard—but that doesn’t mean you want to live like a hermit either. When you’re centered around a two-acre park-like courtyard, you’ll always have free entertainment from a distance—whether it’s your neighbors splashing around in the pool, barbecuing with their buddies, playing a serious game of bocce ball or relaxing in one of the spas.

2. You can be first in and first out of the pool. 

Remember the last time you went to Vegas and all of the lounge chairs at your hotel were taken by the time you reach the pool? Well, if you have a courtyard view and you’re in Building H, J or K, you’ll avoid that scenario completely. In fact, you could be the first to know when you stake out your sunbathing territory when temps hit the 80s in the Marina. (See: Indian Summer).

3. You’ll get first dibs on the BBQs because you’re pretty close to them.

When the developers at Shores planned out their community, they made sure to specify brand new amenities that residents would enjoy. The top-of-the-line BBQs by Weber and outdoor seating areas are one example of their commitment to creating a center of social connection. If you happen to live in Buildings A, B or C facing the courtyard, you’ll have a bird’s eye view on all the fun parties, reunions and casual get-togethers happening at the community—plus you’ll have a pretty good idea of exactly when those state-of-the-art grilling machines are available for your cooking pleasure.

4. Unlike most courtyards, you won’t live in complete darkness.

Ok, everyone has seen those apartment courtyards with so much shade that a flower garden (much less a mid-afternoon Vitamin D nap) is a virtual impossibility. That’s not the case at Shores. The courtyard itself is filled with sunlight, plus, the architects of Shores made sure to orient the courtyard-facing apartments to take advantage of as much natural light as possible at varying times of day.  Just trust us when we say: “These are not your ordinary courtyard apartments.”

Can you think of any other reasons to choose a courtyard view apartment?  Let us know in the comments below!

Sneak a Peek at Shores’ Upcoming Courtyard

Shores is built on a foundation of community—and every community needs a center. Well, that’s what the Shores super-cool two-acre courtyard is primed to be: the center of relaxation, laughter, socializing, fun…the center of everything that will make Shores an amazing place to live. We’re pretty excited about how the courtyard is coming along, which is why we had to share the latest construction photos. Are you envisioning your future hang-out spot? Sitting under the palms reading your eBook, practicing your yoga in the greens, catching up with your neighbor in the sitting area, checking your emails with Shores’ complimentary wi-fi—keep imagining. It will be your reality before you know it!


courtyard a photo palm trees photo courtyard G trees

How do you plan to enjoy the two-acre courtyard? Let us know what you’re most excited about!