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Happy Holidays from the Shores Team

The Shores team wants to wish every one of our residents—and future residents—a safe, happy, healthy Christmas and New Year’s. Whether you’re celebrating at home at Shores, visiting family out of town or venturing out for a Marina del Rey celebration, we hope you have the greatest holiday season yet!

Because we care, here are a few common sense tips to keep in mind as you’re getting ready for the festivities:

1) If you celebrate with cocktails at a party or bar, have a designated driver on-call (or have a taxi number on-hand) to get you home safely.

2) If you’re hosting a party, have non-alcoholic beverages on-hand—and for those who over-indulge in alcohol, make sure to call a taxi to get them home safely.

3) Pet Owners: keep your fur babies inside and comfy. (Fireworks are startling for humans…imagine how they seem to your pets!)

Happy Holidays, everyone! We’ll see you in 2014!




The Results Are In! The Holiday Boat Parade Recap

The 51st Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade (aka: Holiday Magic) took place this past weekend and oh, what a great time it was! We hope some of our Shores residents made their way to the festivities, but just in case you didn’t, allow us to give you a glimpse into what you missed. Continue reading