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Bring Fall into Your Shores Décor with 5 Easy Seasonal Ideas

November has arrived in Marina del Rey and even though the temperatures are still screaming SUMMER, the calendar doesn’t lie—it’s autumn time! And since this is your very first fall in your new Shores apartment, you should celebrate with some beautiful seasonal décor. The great part of autumn decorations is the warmth it brings to a space… the colors, textures and scents that give you (and your guests) a cozy, downright welcoming feeling the minute you walk through your door.

And it really doesn’t take much to add a touch of the season to your décor. Here are five easy ways to achieve the perfect fall look at Shores.

1. Display Branches, Leaves or Fall Flowers in a Vase
Autumn brought indoors

The easiest way to bring some seasonal sweetness to your pad is with flowers or leaves. Fall foliage in yellows, oranges and reds are the perfect combination. Another big trend this fall is branches in vases. It sounds bare and basic but the effect is cozy and quite beautiful. If you don’t feel like seeking out the perfect branch, you can also buy artificial branches like Pottery Barn’s lovely Faux Red Berry Branch.


2. Incorporate Autumn Colors Into Your Décor
Chevron Throw

Add warm-hued accent pillows and throws to your living room scheme for an instant autumn transformation. An orange throw with a pattern like Chevron or a sleek goldenrod pillow not only bring in fall colors but also gives your space a modern, hip edge.


3. Bring Earthiness to Your Design

There are more ways to invite the outdoor autumn beauty in then simply flowers. Add a bamboo runner to your table, home accessories like DIY fallen leaf candles and a chic set of coffee table bowls filled with almonds, walnuts and dried berries.


4. Transform Nature Into Wall Art
Pressed Leaves

Use nature for art inspiration and you’ll create a truly Zen space. One great way to accomplish this is to press fallen leaves until dry, and then place them between two pieces of glass, secured by linen book cloth tape. The end result is simple and stunning.


5. Get Floored with Autumn Colors

It’s amazing how much one rug can freshen up your entire room design—but it can! Choose browns, oranges, golds and reds and you’ll instantly feel the glow of the season in your Shores pad.

Are you going to freshen up your fall design? Share your decorating ideas and let us know how you’re planning to autumnize your Shores apartment!