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5 Ideas for Your Shores’ 4th of July Celebration

4th of July Picnic

4th of July Picnic

Fire up the barbecues, grab some sparklers and get ready for some major fireworks, because summer’s biggest holiday is just around the corner. Saturday, July 4th marks 239 years since our plucky forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence and that’s definitely cause for celebration! Sure, there’s a ton of Independence Day happenings going on all around L.A., but when you live at Shores, you know there’s zero need to venture out into the traffic and crowds of the city. Nope, we have the best celebration options either right here at home, or just steps away. 

Take a look at some of the best options for a fabulous Shores-style 4th of July.

1) Get a Rooftop View of the Fireworks Display

Marina del Rey is putting on one heck of a fireworks show for the 4th, and Burton Chace Park will definitely be filled to the gills with spectators. You, on the other hand, can chill out on Shores’ Sky Terrace and watch the lights fill up the sky without the hassle of venturing out. The fireworks start at 9 pm, so head up to the Sky Terrace early to grab a comfy spot to enjoy the show. If you’re craving the crowds, you can go to Burton Chace Park or Fisherman’s Village to catch the display, and still enjoy the perks of Shores’ primo location — just walk across to Mother’s Beach and hop on the MDR Water Bus for a $1 (it runs until Midnight!).

2) Relax Poolside

Shores happens to have a pretty spectacular pool, so invite a friend over and spend the day chilling by the pool, taking in the gorgeous harbor views, and soaking up the MDR sunshine. You’ll make our forefathers proud with your superior leisure capabilities!

3) Keep the 4th of July Picnic Tradition Going Strong

You know that beautiful two-acre park we have here at Shores? It’s custom made for a 4th of July picnic. Get together with a few neighbors, grab a Frisbee, pack a picnic and pick your spot! This is the quintessential 4th of July celebration— and it never loses its charm.

4) Be the Host with the Most

Great apartment for mingling, excellent kitchen for cooking, nice views for gazing — yep, your Shores apartment would definitely be a lovely setting for a pre-fireworks 4th of July soirée. Invite a few friends by for some all-American hors d’oeuvres, a signature cocktail (like the Svedka Vodka/Watermelon Schnapps “Born Free” cocktail here) and lots of red, white, and blue décor. 

5) Head Out for a “Stars & Stripes Brunch Cruise”

If you’re looking for something different this 4th of July, reserve a spot on one of Hornblower’s cruises. This year, they’re offering three options: a Stars & Stripes Champagne Brunch Cruise, a Fireworks Dinner Cruise, or a Fireworks Observation Cruise. Totally fun options that never ever get old. And if you’re fretting about parking, don’t worry. You can leave your car at home at Shores, walk to Mother’s Beach and just take the Waterbus to Fisherman’s Village. Easy peazy.

What are your plans for the 4th? Let us know if you’ll be celebrating at Shores!



Get Hungry! Dine L.A. is Underway.

If you’ve been craving some Marina del Rey restaurant cuisine the past few days and noticed some unusually long lines (and even longer waits)— there’s a delicious and incredibly worthwhile reason for the crowds: Dine L.A. is back until February 1st! If you’ve never indulged in the gluttonous fun before, do yourself a favor and get in the eating game because it’s a great excuse to try out all of the fab restaurants surrounding Shores.

Dine LA Week 1/19/15 - 2/1/15

Dine LA Week 1/19/15 – 2/1/15

If you’re a Dine L.A. newbie, here’s how it works: Participating restaurants will offer special prix-fixe menus for lunch and/or dinner to give you a taste of some of their best dishes. Remember that tax and tip aren’t included in the quoted price, so plan to drop a little extra when the bill arrives.

Ready for the fun, Shores peeps? Here are the Marina restaurants taking part until February 1st. Click on their names for the restaurant’s address, phone number (for reservations!) and the Dine L.A. menus.

Killer Shrimp
Lunch: $20
Dinner: $30

Café del Rey
Lunch: $25
Dinner: $50

Casa Ado
Dinner: $40

Barbianca Local Kitchen
Lunch: $15
Dinner: $40

Ruth’s Chris
Dinner: $50

Locanda Positano
Dinner: $40

Lunch: $20
Dinner: $40

Bon Appétit!


Bring Fall into Your Shores Décor with 5 Easy Seasonal Ideas

November has arrived in Marina del Rey and even though the temperatures are still screaming SUMMER, the calendar doesn’t lie—it’s autumn time! And since this is your very first fall in your new Shores apartment, you should celebrate with some beautiful seasonal décor. The great part of autumn decorations is the warmth it brings to a space… the colors, textures and scents that give you (and your guests) a cozy, downright welcoming feeling the minute you walk through your door.

And it really doesn’t take much to add a touch of the season to your décor. Here are five easy ways to achieve the perfect fall look at Shores.

1. Display Branches, Leaves or Fall Flowers in a Vase
Autumn brought indoors

The easiest way to bring some seasonal sweetness to your pad is with flowers or leaves. Fall foliage in yellows, oranges and reds are the perfect combination. Another big trend this fall is branches in vases. It sounds bare and basic but the effect is cozy and quite beautiful. If you don’t feel like seeking out the perfect branch, you can also buy artificial branches like Pottery Barn’s lovely Faux Red Berry Branch.


2. Incorporate Autumn Colors Into Your Décor
Chevron Throw

Add warm-hued accent pillows and throws to your living room scheme for an instant autumn transformation. An orange throw with a pattern like Chevron or a sleek goldenrod pillow not only bring in fall colors but also gives your space a modern, hip edge.


3. Bring Earthiness to Your Design

There are more ways to invite the outdoor autumn beauty in then simply flowers. Add a bamboo runner to your table, home accessories like DIY fallen leaf candles and a chic set of coffee table bowls filled with almonds, walnuts and dried berries.


4. Transform Nature Into Wall Art
Pressed Leaves

Use nature for art inspiration and you’ll create a truly Zen space. One great way to accomplish this is to press fallen leaves until dry, and then place them between two pieces of glass, secured by linen book cloth tape. The end result is simple and stunning.


5. Get Floored with Autumn Colors

It’s amazing how much one rug can freshen up your entire room design—but it can! Choose browns, oranges, golds and reds and you’ll instantly feel the glow of the season in your Shores pad.

Are you going to freshen up your fall design? Share your decorating ideas and let us know how you’re planning to autumnize your Shores apartment!











Join Us at Leasing Fest—November 2

Wondering what Shores has to offer besides gorgeous apartments and great amenities? (Yes, there’s even more!) Well, we’re ready to show you at “Leasing Fest.” What is this you ask? It’s a one-day event we’ve put together that showcases neighborhood businesses, food from local restaurants, Shores move-in specials and more.

All of the Shores buildings are now officially open so Leasing Fest is also the perfect time to ask those lingering questions you may have and finally decide which Shores floorplan, view, etc. is the perfect one for you.

The WHEN is November 2 from noon to 5 pm. The WHERE is Shores Leasing Office. And the WHO will be participating is…a long list. But because we really like you, here’s a sneak peek:

Café Del Rey
Tony P’s
California Pizza Kitchen
Viktor Benes Bakery
Unleashed (by Petco)

There will also be a neighborhood pet spa, bike shop, doggie bakery, dry cleaners, boat rental company, moving company and more…so don’t miss it!

If you have any questions beforehand, feel free to call our sales office at (310) 822-7700 or email

We hope to see you there!

How to Make Your First Shores’ Halloween a Creepy Success

“On a clear and starry night, Halloween is such a fright, witches roam and goblins too, then home to bowls of pumpkin stew!” Happy Almost Halloween!

Your first Halloween at Shores is approaching and if you’re one of the 170 million Americans who love celebrating this devilish holiday, then you have got to go all out. Number one on the agenda is transforming your awesome Shores apartment into a total Halloween playground…and boy, do we have the ideas to help you in that department. From spooky décor to creepy (but delicious) food, we’ve got ideas that will help you make your first Shores Halloween something to remember!

Pumpkin Planning
Carved Pumpkins

Let’s start with the most traditional of Halloween traditions: The Pumpkin. First off, you of course need to carve a few pumpkins (and bake the seeds to perfection). If you want to impress your party guests (or just yourself), work off some pumpkin patterns  for an amazingly professional look. Other cool ideas include making your own spider pumpkin candleholders (mini pumpkins, tea candles, pipe cleaners and you’re done!) or carving a jack-o-lantern with a spooky smoke effect.


The Apple Head Gang, 18 Nov 11

If you want to be green in your Halloween decorating adventures, shrunken heads are a fun way to go. Just use your carving skills to make faces in the peeled apples, let them dry out and ooooooh do you have some super EEK-worthy accent pieces. Use them as place card holders at a Halloween dinner or float them in water as a centerpiece—whatever you choose to do with them, they’ll definitely creep your guests out in just the right way.

All in the Details


If you want a truly eerie ambiance to your décor, you need to pay attention to details. Try faux cobwebs, black lightbulbs and glow-stick spiders to get the chills running up your guests’ spines, then top it off with a “Psycho” shower curtain for added giggles and just a touch of kitsch.


Spooktacular Treats

La Baguette Chocolate Mice

Halloween is all about treats, so have some fun and get creative. Sure, have some mini Snickers and Peanut Butter Cups around, but a few imaginative desserts will put your Halloween delectables over the top. A few choice options are Chocolate Mice, Wicked Cupcakes and the gross (but supremely yummy) Kitty Litter Cake.

Diabolical Drinks

Halloween Cocktail

A cocktail or two goes great with ghosts and goblins, right? But your Halloween deserves more than the usual. Try something different like Dark and Stormy Death Punch, a Chocolate Malted Martini, or the ever-popular Zombie. For non-alcoholic cocktail options, try the crimson-colored Vampire Blood Drink. To make your cocktails even more ghoulish, add adornments like plastic spiders or zombie drink coasters.

What are you planning for your first Halloween at Shores? Are you decorating? Having a party? Trick or Treating? Let us know!