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Sky-High Fun: Sky Terrace Update

Shores’ Sky Terraces are such a great, Cali-exclusive feature and as construction progresses, we’re finally seeing these cool community areas shaping up. Yes, you’ll have your own glass-walled balconies to hang out on, but the Sky Terraces will be a little different. Their sleek, rooftop designs will accommodate a ton of activities: You could light a fire table and unwind with friends, connect to complimentary Wi-Fi and work in the fresh air, or just enjoy the stellar rooftop views as you unwind after a day at work. There will be plenty of comfy furniture, bar tables and chairs, those aforementioned fire tables (the crown jewel of Sky Terrace cool) and décor that should make the Sky Terraces a huge hit with residents and their visitors.

Check out the latest photo—all you’ll need are a few friends, a bottle of Cabernet and a stunning Marina sunset. Get ready…mid-summer is just around the corner.Sky Terrace Photo

What Sky Terrace feature are you most excited about?


Sneak a Peek at Shores’ Upcoming Courtyard

Shores is built on a foundation of community—and every community needs a center. Well, that’s what the Shores super-cool two-acre courtyard is primed to be: the center of relaxation, laughter, socializing, fun…the center of everything that will make Shores an amazing place to live. We’re pretty excited about how the courtyard is coming along, which is why we had to share the latest construction photos. Are you envisioning your future hang-out spot? Sitting under the palms reading your eBook, practicing your yoga in the greens, catching up with your neighbor in the sitting area, checking your emails with Shores’ complimentary wi-fi—keep imagining. It will be your reality before you know it!


courtyard a photo palm trees photo courtyard G trees

How do you plan to enjoy the two-acre courtyard? Let us know what you’re most excited about!

The Inside Scoop on Shores’ High-Tech Package: Q&A with Bel Air Internet

We don’t mind admitting it: We want Shores to be the kind of place you brag about. That’s why we’ve gone to great pains to choose amenities that will really add value to our residents’ lifestyles. In previous blogs, we’ve described our amenities in some detail, but one in particular is so unique and cool, we felt the need to expand a little more on it. Yes, we’re talking about Shores’ all-inclusive High-Tech Package. Continue reading

Shores Pre-Leasing Is Here!


The Marina has been buzzing about Shores for what seems like forever—and finally, to the excitement of the Shores team and our future residents—Pre-Leasing is about to begin! Starting tomorrow, all Shores fans will need to do is to visit our brand-new Shores website, click on the Floorplans page, and then pick their pad. With just a few clicks and a deposit of $500 (1-bedroom units) or $750 (2-bedroom units), you’ll be able to not only choose your floorplan, but also the view you will have, the floor you will live on, and the exact apartment you want. Arriving early at Shores seriously has its benefits!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on our community, and we know you may be skeptical about  reserving your apartment home without seeing the actual unit just yet. But the people behind Shores aren’t just nameless faces behind a national  real estate moniker.  We’ve been a part of the neighborhood for decades, and we’re genuinely proud of what we know Shores will be.

You can be confident that we’ve been  meticulous in our Shores planning—with truly livable floorplans, community amenities that inspire neighbor-to-neighbor friendships, the best Marina views, an unbelievable courtyard, a great fitness center, and apartment amenities like DirecTV and Internet included in your rent. All of those details will come together to make Shores a really unique place to live. And we’re excited for you all to join us and be a part of it.

If you have any questions about the Shores community or Pre-Leasing, connect with us on Facebook or contact Sue Kohan, Shores General Manager, and Jimmy Garrett, Shores Assistant Manager, at (310) 822-7700. Either way, we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. Happy Leasing, everyone!

Shores Colors Are The Talk Of The Town

The buzz on Shores is growing and with it, a conversation is generating about the community’s vibrant exterior colors. Some folks are unsure of interrupting the lazy-beige-y scheme of the Marina, but others seem to be thrilled to see some color-vitality burst onto the scene!

Shores Colors

“LJ” from Westchester made some great points in support of our color choices to the Argonaut newspaper, writing: “Bright, festive colors enhanced the inherent strong theme of boating and marine life, whether bringing it out into the sunshine or providing a happy place to be on otherwise overcast days.” Right on! That’s exactly how we feel. We wanted the colors to reflect the vim-and-vigor lifestyle of Shores while also complementing the Marina’s coastal flavor. And we’re so happy that Angelenos like LJ appreciate that!

Here is LJ’s full response to the Argonaut Letter to the Editor:

Bring on the bright colors

Re: “What a way to stand out,” (Argonaut letters, Feb. 14).

Regarding the letter writer who calls The Shores’ choice of paint colors garish:

Are you kidding me? A reader says what the Marina needs is even more bland, muted colors?

Many of my associates and I are thrilled to finally see some bright colors in the Marina again. I’ve always been bewildered that the Marina area did not utilize such an obvious theme in all aspects of architecture, signage and design.

If you look at L.A. through the eyes of a tourist, this destination is extremely disappointing. For example, the grand “entrance” to the Marina on Fiji Way—what the heck is that? Design by committee has killed any authentic joy of Marina life.

As a graphic designer and Westside resident for over 30 years, I was particularly horrified when Caruso Affiliated remodeled the “Marina Waterside” with little reference to the actual nearby water, making it look the same as all the other properties they do: The Commons at Calabasas, The Promenade at Westlake, The Village at Moorpark… the list goes on.

That is somewhat understandable, as those are places with no real history or thematic reference. So they can afford to look as if someone plunked down a vaguely Mediterranean village in the middle of Los Angeles. But now… so does the Marina Waterside! Really, can’t we do better than that?

Why, yes, we can – remember when Fisherman’s Village received its facelift? Bright, festive colors enhanced the inherent strong theme of boating and marine life, whether bringing it out into the sunshine or providing a happy place to be on otherwise overcast days.

What the Marina needs is more thematic energy. Let the bright colors prevail.

LJ, Westchester

In response to our Facebook page poll, the colors are prevailing with “Blue, Bold and Beautiful” in the lead—6 votes to 0! Take the poll now.