How to Make Your First Shores’ Halloween a Creepy Success

“On a clear and starry night, Halloween is such a fright, witches roam and goblins too, then home to bowls of pumpkin stew!” Happy Almost Halloween!

Your first Halloween at Shores is approaching and if you’re one of the 170 million Americans who love celebrating this devilish holiday, then you have got to go all out. Number one on the agenda is transforming your awesome Shores apartment into a total Halloween playground…and boy, do we have the ideas to help you in that department. From spooky décor to creepy (but delicious) food, we’ve got ideas that will help you make your first Shores Halloween something to remember!

Pumpkin Planning
Carved Pumpkins

Let’s start with the most traditional of Halloween traditions: The Pumpkin. First off, you of course need to carve a few pumpkins (and bake the seeds to perfection). If you want to impress your party guests (or just yourself), work off some pumpkin patterns  for an amazingly professional look. Other cool ideas include making your own spider pumpkin candleholders (mini pumpkins, tea candles, pipe cleaners and you’re done!) or carving a jack-o-lantern with a spooky smoke effect.


The Apple Head Gang, 18 Nov 11

If you want to be green in your Halloween decorating adventures, shrunken heads are a fun way to go. Just use your carving skills to make faces in the peeled apples, let them dry out and ooooooh do you have some super EEK-worthy accent pieces. Use them as place card holders at a Halloween dinner or float them in water as a centerpiece—whatever you choose to do with them, they’ll definitely creep your guests out in just the right way.

All in the Details


If you want a truly eerie ambiance to your décor, you need to pay attention to details. Try faux cobwebs, black lightbulbs and glow-stick spiders to get the chills running up your guests’ spines, then top it off with a “Psycho” shower curtain for added giggles and just a touch of kitsch.


Spooktacular Treats

La Baguette Chocolate Mice

Halloween is all about treats, so have some fun and get creative. Sure, have some mini Snickers and Peanut Butter Cups around, but a few imaginative desserts will put your Halloween delectables over the top. A few choice options are Chocolate Mice, Wicked Cupcakes and the gross (but supremely yummy) Kitty Litter Cake.

Diabolical Drinks

Halloween Cocktail

A cocktail or two goes great with ghosts and goblins, right? But your Halloween deserves more than the usual. Try something different like Dark and Stormy Death Punch, a Chocolate Malted Martini, or the ever-popular Zombie. For non-alcoholic cocktail options, try the crimson-colored Vampire Blood Drink. To make your cocktails even more ghoulish, add adornments like plastic spiders or zombie drink coasters.

What are you planning for your first Halloween at Shores? Are you decorating? Having a party? Trick or Treating? Let us know!