5 Reasons Why the Sky Terraces Are One of the Coolest Amenities at Shores

Shores has a lot of great amenities going for it—from the Fitness Center and complimentary Wi-Fi to the sparkling pool and fire pits. But if there’s one amenity that our residents seem to universally rave about (brag about, dream about, etc.), it would be the Sky Terraces. And you know, we can’t blame them! We fell in love with this amenity while it was still in the design phases—and now that the terraces are completed (with the ocean-view terraces open now, too!), our residents are totally “getting” just how cool they are. If you haven’t checked them out yet, let us give you a sneak peek into what makes them “that” cool:

1. The Views Are Stupendous.
Beautiful Views

Great views just never get old and from the rooftop sky terraces, you’ll enjoy some truly beautiful vistas. And when you head up there for a SoCal sunset, forget about it…you’ll be in complete and utter awe.

2. The Fire Tables Are Just Plain Neat.
Yeah, fireplaces are cool, but fire tables are just a step above. Grab some friends, a bottle of wine and a few snacks, hunker down around one of the fire tables…and you have a perfect Marina evening in the works. 

3. Neighbors Can Mix and Mingle.
Drinks, dinner and gossip
The sky terraces are a great place to meet your neighbors. You could be working on your laptop or just gazing out at the Pacific and next thing you know, bam!—you’ve made a friend.

4. Residents Can Host Very Cool Rooftop Soirées.
Apothic Red Wine | Vancouver Art Gallery
The sky terraces have all of the accouterments for a fabulous rooftop cocktail party (or summer day soirée). There’s comfy seating, tables and—of course—great ambiance.

5. It’s a Multi-Purpose Destination.

The great thing about the sky terraces is that they’re perfect for so many scenarios! From day to night, residents can use these rooftop escapes to work (complimentary Wi-Fi anyone?), read, meditate, socialize, star gaze, play host/hostess…they’re just great spaces!

If you haven’t made your way up to a Shores sky terrace yet…please do. It’s one amenity you’ll find irresistible. If you have, then let us know your favorite sky terrace activity! We’d love to hear!