6 Calorie-Burning Activities to Do as a Shores Resident

You know what’s fantastic about living at Shores (aside from the simple fact that you’re residing at one of the coolest communities in Marina del Rey)? We have so many easy ways for our residents to stay in shape! The reason we’ve made it easy is pretty clear: healthy living is important to us. That’s why our community is filled with so many different fitness opportunities. Here’s a sampling of what you can do at Shores to burn off those every day calories…and we guarantee you’ll love the convenience and the results!

1. Take a Spin Class or Boot Camp

According to our Fitness Concierge, Shores’ 45-minute spinning and boot camp classes can burn between 400 and 600 calories! The community plan is to start with weekly classes (spin classes are already underway) and then offerings will grow as more participants join up…so get your neighbors together and spin (or boot camp) your way to a killer body.

 2. Walk on the Treadmill
No one says you have to run a 10-minute mile to be in shape. The Mayo Clinic calculates that for a 160-pound person, walking at a speed of 3.5 mph will burn off 314 calories in an hour. If you walk on an incline, you’ll burn even more! It’s all about building up that endurance and feeling great.

3. Work Out in the Courtyard or Swim in the Pool

Shores has a gorgeous two-acre courtyard at your disposal for a quick run, an open-air yoga session or a brisk walk. Or you could walk in the courtyard and then swim some laps in the sparkling pool! Whatever you choose to do, there’s nothing like exercising in the fresh Marina del Rey air to revitalize you and burn calories at the same time.

 4. Work Out with a Personal Trainer
One of the best perks of Shores is the access to highly skilled Personal Trainers. Gretchen Ritter of The Results Factory (which represents over 150 trainers in L.A.) heads up the Fitness Concierge Services at Shores—so you can be sure the community’s personal trainers will be able to customize just the right training session for every interested Shores resident.

5. Take Yoga Classes

Yoga may not seem like a hard-hitting exercise activity but ask any devout yogis and they’ll tell you—they’re in the best shape of their lives. Shores will offer Yoga classes as part of the Fitness Concierge offerings—or you can always go out in the courtyard and practice yoga on your own time! Namaste.

6. Kayak on the Ocean
Paddle Board

Shores residents can also get their body moving out on the ocean (which—if we haven’t mentioned lately—is right across the street). Head up to Phins Watersports Club on Panay Way and rent a kayak, rowboat or paddleboard for a fun, open-air workout.

Now that you know how you can work off those calories, go ahead and splurge on that Chocolate Lava Cake at the Chart House—you can spin it off (or run, walk, etc.) tomorrow! What will your favorite fitness regimen be at Shores? Let us know in the comments section below.