Tips to Make Your Move to Shores Easy Breezy

It’s August, folks, which means Shores first move-ins are coming up soon! You’ve all been anticipating this moment for months and now that it’s close, it’s time to start preparing for the big move to your brand-new Shores apartment.

No matter how excited you are, moves can be a little daunting with packing, hiring movers, or renting a moving truck (which is naturally followed by bribing friends to help you move)… then unpacking and putting your new home in order. It’s exhausting just thinking about it, eh? That’s why we want to help you out with some tips and resources that can make your move to Shores pretty darn easy.

Moving Boxes

1) Get Organized
Now is the perfect time to gauge your packrat status and start lightening your move-load. Go through your closets and cupboards and decide if you really need that dress you haven’t worn since 2002 or those Daytona Beach shot glasses from your high school spring break. Chances are, a donation trip to Goodwill might be in your future.

2) Find Reputable Movers or Truck Rentals Decide if you want to make the move yourself or if you want to hire movers. There are advantages to both.

Moving Yourself
Obviously, when you move yourself, you’ll be saving some cash, but you’ll also be lugging boxes and bulky furniture for a few hours. If you choose that route, don’t go it alone. Invite some friends to help you with the promise of some good carryout and drinks as a well-deserved reward. You’ll be surprised how many people will take you up on it.

Hiring Movers
If you’d rather leave the move to professionals, you’ll be paying more, but many people believe the convenience outweighs the cost. For local moves, estimated costs are almost always based on an hourly rate. Longer moves are typically based on weight. Regardless, get a few estimates and always make sure the moving company representative does a face-to-face estimate so you’re not in for any surprises. Also make sure to ask about any “hidden” fees.

When choosing a moving company, do your research, because not all movers are created equal. You want to check reviews and complaints—and look for proper licensing and insurance. There is such a thing as moving fraud, so look out for any red flags that the company is not legit. Great resources are the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and the FMCSA.

3) Packing Up
If you’re not the packing type, reputable moving companies will actually pack and box for you for an additional fee. But most people tend to pack up their own belongings—and to do that, you just need a few key items: Sturdy boxes (buy new ones from a shipping store or get some gently used ones from the grocery store), packing material (bubble wrap, etc), packing tape, and a Sharpie marker. From there, you probably know what to do—wrap, pack, tape, and mark each box to make unpacking easier.

4) Moving Day
If you’re using movers, make sure to have everything packed up and ready at the agreed moving time. Be present at the move from start to finish and double check that nothing was left behind. Make sure the drivers have your cell phone number in case they get lost or are stuck in traffic.

5) Delivery
Be present as the movers unload and make sure nothing gets left behind on the truck. Pay the drivers the agreed upon amount and if you’re happy with their work feel free to give them a cash tip.

6) Celebrate
By the time you reach #6 on this list, you’re unpacking your new Shores home so obviously you’re celebrating!

So are you ready to make your move to Shores? Let us know how you’re planning to move!