Marina Del Rey Featured in Sunset Magazine’s “56 Great Getaways” Issue

Now we all know how wonderful Marina del Rey is—why else would we choose to live here? But it’s always nice to see our community’s praises sung in a public forum like Sunset magazine because 1) We live here so it ups our cool factor, 2) We know even more people will envy us, and 3) It just makes us appreciate MDR even more.

The gist of the article is that we’re the mellower Venice, the more private Santa Monica, and pretty much the center of all things fun. For example, here’s what they say about our beloved Mother’s Beach (you know, that gorgeous beach right across the street from Shores): “There’s no big surf or undertow at Mother’s Beach, 12 sandy acres on the Marina channel, making it ideal for wading as kayakers and paddleboarders glide by.” Paradise, that’s what it is.

Then they mention all of the other fun things there are to do in the Marina, like charting a boat, kiteboarding, exploring Fisherman’s village and biking the 22 scenic miles of Marvin Braude Bike Trail. Of course, they couldn’t finish the article without mentioning a couple of “Sip” and “Eat” options—Bin 73 Wine Bar and Mendocino Farms—both of which are walking distance from Shores (Bin 73 is less than a mile from Shores and Mendocino Farms is just a mile and a half up Admiralty Way).

Mendocino Farms

Pretty cool to know our community is so coveted, right? And if tourists start snagging all the good parking…no worries for us. All of the best attractions are just a short walk from Shores! How do you feel—do you love to see Marina del Rey in print?