Shores Continues Six Decades of Marina Del Rey History

Shores may offer the newest apartment homes in Marina del Rey, but there is one thing that makes our community unlike any other. It’s been nurtured and will be managed by local leaders, Jerry Epstein and David Levine.

Jerry Epstein is a legend in the Marina. He is the last of the original developers of Marina Del Rey still alive and actively involved in the Marina we know and love today. Back in the 1950s when the area was a swamp, Jerry Epstein was among the handful of visionaries who worked with Los Angeles County Supervisor Burton W. Chace (yep, the eponym for “Burton Chace Park”) in the proposal to build the world’s largest pleasure boat harbor and community.   When a 1963 storm wreaked havoc on the Marina Basin and some County officials and investors started having second thoughts, Jerry Epstein sprang into action and literally walked the halls of Congress, lobbying for funds to build the breakwater to protect the harbor. And he succeeded—the breakwater was completed in 1965, which made it possible for our beloved Marina Del Rey to become a reality.

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The new Shores community is built right where Del Rey Shores stood for nearly 45 years.  You will even be able to see photos from the Marina’s and Del Rey Shores’ history in Shores hallways!

“Shores owners care deeply about this Marina del Rey community, and we are as invested in its long-term vitality as our residents,” said David Levine, spokesperson for Shores, who lived at Del Rey Shores before he joined Jerry Epstein’s staff in 1986 and who has been President of the Marina del Rey Lessees Association for nearly 15 years.  “We have a personal connection to Shores that will be invaluable to our future residents. We have been here since the Marina’s earliest days in the mid-20th century, and we are here at its forefront in  the 21st century, giving us an understanding of, and respect for, the community that outside national apartment developers or management companies simply can’t offer.”

Added Levine: “We are excited to not only to have been a part of the Marina’s past, but also be a part of its dynamic future. Jerry Epstein has been dreaming of doing this project for nearly 30 years…and it’s a thrill to know that we are just weeks from seeing it come to fruition!”

We understand this community, and we understand you. Trust us. We invite you to be a part of Shores, the next chapter in Marina del Rey history.

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