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5 Unique Springtime To-Dos For Shores Residents

Spring has sprung—and with it, some very cool Marina-exclusive activities. If you’re a Shores resident, you’ll be right where the action is—no traffic-filled treks from the Hollywood Hills or Studio City for you—the best springtime fun in SoCal will be right outside your door.

Here are five springtime activities Shores residents can easily enjoy:

Celebrate the Season with a Gondola Ride


Who needs Venice, Italy when you have Marina Del Rey, California? Hire Gondolas D’Amore and a gondolier will take you and your springtime honey for a romantic ride on the waves through Marina Del Rey.

Pack a Picnic

Pack up some crusty bread, cheese and a good California wine and head over to Burton Chace Park for a picnic. Shores residents are lucky enough to have this gorgeous 10-acre park right around the corner. It even has a fish platform and fish cleaning sinks at your disposal in case you prefer your fresh catch of the day to bread and cheese.

Rent a Bicycle Built for Two


Tandem bikes practically scream “spring fun!” Stop by Daniel’s Bike Rentals, grab a friend, and ride around the Marina on a bicycle built for two. If you’re more into the solo-bike thing, don’t fret, they rent good old-fashioned one-person bikes, too.

Go to the Halibut Derby


Nothing says seaside living like a fishing tournament and the 38th Annual Halibut Derby in Marina Del Rey is the longest-running one on the West Coast. If you like to fish or you like to watch other people fish—or you just like to get outside on the water and hang out while people are fishing…this is the place to be. Plus, all the proceeds fund the Youth Fishing Program and the White Sea Bass Grow-Out Program. The Derby is happening June 8 and 9—It’s close to summer, but officially still spring!

Celebrate the Boating Lifestyle at Marina Fest

If you’re a Shores resident, you’re automatically an honorary member of the Marina lifestyle club. And since the Marina Fest is “a community-based waterfront celebration of the boating lifestyle,” how could you possibly miss it? Last year’s fest featured stand-up Paddleboard and Scuba lessons, special guests, and of course, a showcase of the newest Brokerage motoryachts, sailboats, fishing boasts, and family sportboats in Southern California. This year’s fest is sure to be just as spectacular! It’s happening May 18 and 19 so keep an eye out for details.

Do any of these spring-in-the-marina ideas sounds good to you? What are your favorite coastal-spring activities?




Sky Terraces Spotlight: Q&A With Elizabeth Noack, Faulkner Design Group


Shores has a lot of premier amenities that residents are going to love, but one of the most unique has to be the über-cool Sky Terraces. Dallas-based Faulkner Design Group (FDG) meticulously designed each terrace, and there’s little doubt that these spaces are destined to be favorites for Shores residents.

To get a sense of what the Sky Terraces will be like, we sat down with Elizabeth Noack, a Senior Project Manager with FDG, for a little tête-à-tête.

Shores: Elizabeth_noack_headshotWhat exactly has been programmed for Sky Terraces?

Elizabeth Noack: Well, to begin, FDG programmed a lot of comfortable seating so residents can really kick their feet up and enjoy the tranquility. There are also bar tables and stools, and ceramic pots that will add a pop of color to the scheme. The fire tables are the really unique feature, however. We have at least one of those on every sky terrace.

Shores: What was your aesthetic inspiration for designing Sky Terraces?

EN: Since the community is in Marina Del Rey, we wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous views and of course, the beautiful weather. We wanted the space to be a destination that the residents sought out both during the day and the evening. The furniture we selected is very comfortable and inviting, but it’s also made to withstand the coastal elements.

Shores: How did you envision residents using the space, and how did the functionality of it play into the design?

EN: We envisioned the residents using it as a quiet space during the day to relax and enjoy the weather, or maybe a place where they can come to be outside and work on their laptops or iPads. But in the evening, it can be a spot where they bring friends up, light the fire tables and unwind with a bottle of wine. That’s why we have different elements with the fire tables, bar tables, comfy seating—it suits a range of activities.


Shores: Besides the views, what is the coolest amenity at Sky Terraces?

EN: Without a doubt, I would say the fire tables. They really set the tone so the space has a chic boutique-hotel feel to it.

Not only do residents have their own large, private balconies with awesome views, but Shores also has these two snazzy roof-top Sky Terraces. Not a bad perk! If you haven’t already signed up for Shores’ Interest List, make sure to do so now and stay up-to-date. Pre-leasing is rapidly approaching!


Future Shores Traditions: Be Irish for a Day in Marina del Rey

Why should you never iron a four-leaf clover? Because you don’t want to press your luck!

Ok, after a few green beers, you’re going to think that’s hilarious.

Picture 10

Guess what time of year it is? St.-Patty’s-Day-time! And if you were living at Shores, there would be plenty of celebrating going on right in your own neighborhood. Here are a few places to check out when you’re ringing in the holiday and a few stay-at-home nuggets of goodness, too.

Out and About with the Irish

Brennan’s Pub: 4089 Lincoln Blvd.

This place celebrates the luck of the Irish 365 days a year, so you know it’s got the fun down. On March 17, they’re open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. with a minor cover charge starting at 2 p.m. They’ll be serving up corned beef and cabbage, green beer, Irish Coffee and a whole lot more, plus there’s live music set up on two different stages. This is definitely where the party’s going on so don’t miss it.

Tony P’s Dockside Grill: 4445 Admiralty Way

Head over to Tony P’s for over 100 different beers from all over the world (including Ireland, of course). There should be some drink specials happening and a Corned Beef and Cabbage special on the dinner menu. You can also come back on March 20 for their $60 Celtic Beer Dinner. You’ll enjoy five courses, including Beef and Guinness Stew and homemade Black Irish Crème ice cream. The dinner is reservation-only, so call while there’s still room!

Baja Cantina: 311 Washington Blvd.

Okay, the Baja Cantina may not be exactly Irish, but it’s still getting in on the St. Patrick’s Day action. On March 17, they’ll have a Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner available and a special tequila called “Sino.” What is it you ask? It’s tequila that’s aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels. Wow! That is a must-try if there ever was one.

Four Leaf Clovers

Stay-at-Home Irish Fun

Next year, plan to have some lassies and lads over for your own St. Patrick’s day party at your new Shores apartment. Put on some Clancy Brothers (or Pogues), pass out the Guinness, and impress with homemade Irish fare. They’ll be singing your praises and begging for recipes.


Corned Beef and Cabbage by the Food Network Kitchens

or for Irish vegans

Mushroom Stout Pie with Potato Biscuits by Post Punk Kitchen


Guinness Stout Ginger Cake from The Last Course—The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern cookbook.

 After Dinner- Drink

Irish Coffee by Dara Cruise of the Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


Whatever you do, have a great time and be safe!

Or in the words of our Irish Forefathers:

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Shores Colors Are The Talk Of The Town

The buzz on Shores is growing and with it, a conversation is generating about the community’s vibrant exterior colors. Some folks are unsure of interrupting the lazy-beige-y scheme of the Marina, but others seem to be thrilled to see some color-vitality burst onto the scene!

Shores Colors

“LJ” from Westchester made some great points in support of our color choices to the Argonaut newspaper, writing: “Bright, festive colors enhanced the inherent strong theme of boating and marine life, whether bringing it out into the sunshine or providing a happy place to be on otherwise overcast days.” Right on! That’s exactly how we feel. We wanted the colors to reflect the vim-and-vigor lifestyle of Shores while also complementing the Marina’s coastal flavor. And we’re so happy that Angelenos like LJ appreciate that!

Here is LJ’s full response to the Argonaut Letter to the Editor:

Bring on the bright colors

Re: “What a way to stand out,” (Argonaut letters, Feb. 14).

Regarding the letter writer who calls The Shores’ choice of paint colors garish:

Are you kidding me? A reader says what the Marina needs is even more bland, muted colors?

Many of my associates and I are thrilled to finally see some bright colors in the Marina again. I’ve always been bewildered that the Marina area did not utilize such an obvious theme in all aspects of architecture, signage and design.

If you look at L.A. through the eyes of a tourist, this destination is extremely disappointing. For example, the grand “entrance” to the Marina on Fiji Way—what the heck is that? Design by committee has killed any authentic joy of Marina life.

As a graphic designer and Westside resident for over 30 years, I was particularly horrified when Caruso Affiliated remodeled the “Marina Waterside” with little reference to the actual nearby water, making it look the same as all the other properties they do: The Commons at Calabasas, The Promenade at Westlake, The Village at Moorpark… the list goes on.

That is somewhat understandable, as those are places with no real history or thematic reference. So they can afford to look as if someone plunked down a vaguely Mediterranean village in the middle of Los Angeles. But now… so does the Marina Waterside! Really, can’t we do better than that?

Why, yes, we can – remember when Fisherman’s Village received its facelift? Bright, festive colors enhanced the inherent strong theme of boating and marine life, whether bringing it out into the sunshine or providing a happy place to be on otherwise overcast days.

What the Marina needs is more thematic energy. Let the bright colors prevail.

LJ, Westchester

In response to our Facebook page poll, the colors are prevailing with “Blue, Bold and Beautiful” in the lead—6 votes to 0! Take the poll now.


Shores Inspiring Community One Amenity at a Time

Community Lifestyle

When Shores’ masterminds got together to design and choose amenities, they had one common focus: They wanted to create a sense of community. That’s not easy to find in L.A., where neighbors can live next to each other for a decade without ever moving beyond the unenthusiastic “hey” in the hallway.

But Shores isn’t designed for that. Everything from the two-acre courtyard and pet-friendly area to the fitness classes and Sky Terraces are made to not just enhance a resident’s lifestyle, but to inspire a real feeling of community. Aside from the cool architecture and great floorplans, that’s what is really going to make Shores stand out from the pack. And when you add Shores’ smoke-free environment to the list, you have what may be L.A.’s best residential community.

Here’s a list of amenities that will make Shores the envy of Los Angeles. Seriously.

The Two-Acre Courtyard

Two acres! That’s approximately 87,000 square feet of relaxation and recreation possibilities. The courtyard is designed like a park, so there’s plenty of space to walk, meditate, or unwind with a good eBook.

Fire Pits

Sit in front of the warm glow and unwind. Or heck, grab a neighbor and a bag of marshmallows—and cook up some smores! There’s nothing quite like a fire pit to give you that ahhhhhh feeling after a long day.


Nothing says summer like throwing some grub on the barbecue and kicking back with family and friends. Shores is BBQ-ready so start planning your grilling agenda now!

The Large Pool and Seriously Big Sun Deck

Now, it just wouldn’t be coastal living without a big, sparkling pool outside your door, would it? Slather on the sunscreen, get out by the pool, and make the most of a gorgeous weekend.

Two Jacuzzis

Besides the fire pit, what else makes you “sigh” when you think of it. Yep, Jacuzzis. And Shores has two of those bubbling, warm havens of relaxation right by the pool.

WiFi Hotspots

Yes, you should disconnect every once in a while, but isn’t it nice to have the option to plug into the world while you’re hanging out in the courtyard or by the pool? Check your Facebook, pin some Pinterest pics, return emails…do what you need to do because Shores makes sure you’re always in a WiFi zone.

The Fitness Center

We’re not talking about a couple of stationary bikes and a handful of free weights lying around. Shores’ Fitness Center rivals any off-site gym with top-of-the-line equipment by Technogym and Star Trac, plenty of mat space for yoga, a Spinning Studio, and group exercise classes. “Wow!” right?

 Two Dedicated Pet-Friendly Green Areas

Our pets are our family. You know it. Shores knows it. So at Shores, your dogs have their own special green areas to “do their business.” The extra bonus: you’ll get to know your neighbors and your pups can have a playdate!

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse is great for organized gatherings and the full-service catering kitchen only makes it better. Big birthday coming up and you need a perfect party space? Look no further than your own community clubhouse.

Sky Terraces

Rooftop recreation. That’s such a uniquely SoCal perk. Invite your neighbors up to the sky terrace for a sunset cocktail. The comfy furniture, unique firetables, and mellow lighting only add to the tranquility. And since Shores is smoke-free, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh ocean-air day and night.


The Business Center

Let’s say your printer fails…right before you need to print out that 20-page sales report for work. Shores’ full-service business center has you covered. The center is equipped with both Macs and PCs, plus a scanner, copier and printer…perfect for those days when everything seems to be going wrong.


Electric Charging Stations

Since electric cars are popping up all over the place, Shores has electric charging stations right on-site.

The Bocce Ball Court

You heard right. There’s a Bocce Ball court! Are you already picturing the Building A versus Building L Bocce Ball Showdown? This could be a new annual affair!

Community Events

In the spirit of community, Shores will periodically host events for residents. Who knows…one of the events could end up being that aforementioned Bocce Ball Tournament. You’ll have to move in to find out!

Speaking of moving in—pre-leasing will be starting before too long. If you haven’t done it already, join the Interest List to make sure you’re up on the latest!